I’ve been paying too much attention to my Instagram account ( @leebgbcorn )- posting ‘work in progress’ photos, exhibition photos etc – I kind of forgot to keep the blog updated with what I’m up to. Better late than never I say – so here I am!
So…the work I focused on last year for the Cert 4 Viusal Arts – Textiles course, is currently being exhibited at a local gallery here in Adelaide – Pepper Street Arts Centre . This is my first exhibition in a real gallery – it’s exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I love – really love how my work turned out- it came together really well, and looks great in the gallery.
All of my work was done using the one technique – free motion embroidery, machine sewn on soluble backing. Hours of sewing and pinning on to polystyrene trays – using Plasticine to create shape and a 3D look.

The most anxious step of this procedure is running them under warm water – watching the backing disappear and crossing all fingers and toes that I had sewn enough for it to stay together! This step usually took no more than a few minutes – but they were a nail biting few minutes! I did manage to get it on video once (Click here to watch the dissolving under water part).
Once everything was dried, the insects were pinned to foam board and framed (I used a collection of op shop sourced frames!), and the leaf bowl coated with an extra layer of dissolved soluble backing  – to give a bit more stability. None of the frames had a glass front on – I made the insects 3D – and they were pinned with little bead spaces between the foam backing board & the insect. The insects stood out from the frame a bit, and would get squished with the glass on. My other framing option was shadow boxes – so the insects would all be behind glass, but I wanted people to get closer to the insects, and box frames can get expensive!
Hanging at the gallery was a good experience – there were 4 of us in charge of hanging everyone’s work – so it was a joint effort. Patience was needed, opinions listened to, mind changing catered for – and in the end the exhibition looked fantastic!00000

The exhibition runs until the 29th April- and I will be at the gallery on the 22nd between 2 and 4pm for an Artists demo!


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