Another blog….

Why? Why another blog?? As an emerging textile artist, I’m told I should start a blog- I need to get myself out there and a blog is a good place to start. Because I have lots I want to document, to keep track of, to share? Because I need to keep motivated? Probably all of the above!

I’ve spent the last 2 years studying a Certificate 3 and 4 in Visual Arts – Textiles. I went back to studying to supposedly build on what I already knew – add to what I was already doing in my small girls clothing business. By the 2nd term, those plans had flown out the window! There was so much more I wanted to do than sew girls clothes! Fabric dyeing, embellishment, printing, free motion sewing – my eyes were opened to the possibilities!


Some of what I used to do – bright, bold, girly, twirly – but no longer what I am inspired to do…

So I’ve finished my studies – where to know? First thing I have to do is prepare for an exhibition at the end of March. My first real exhibition – in a gallery! Ok – so it’s all of the Certificate 4 students as well – and it is actually part of the course – but still – I am freaking out just a little!. After that is out of the way I’m a free women. Free to experiment, to refine, to play, to print, sew, dye, embellish, create to my hearts content! Sort of….. more about that next time!


Some of my learning/playing/experimenting from the last 2 years….





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